Sunday, December 4, 2011


Having a child take a nap in the car brings about two main theories...

ONE: You WANT your child to sleep in the car so that they will be well rested when you get to your final destination.

TWO: You DON'T want your child to sleep in the car because then they will not get a long enough nap, which turns into extra crabby kid, and pull-your-hair-out mom. And, transferring a sleeping child from car seat to crib pretty much never works.

In order to reach the goal of THEORY #2 (no nap), I will do whatever it takes to keep my child awake.
In random order:
*turn up the music
*sing loudly
*sing with a British accent just to mix things up
*sing with a deep voice just to be annoying
*tickle toes
*ask my child where their nose is, toes are, etc.
*sing "if you are happy and you know it, clap your hands" to get child involvement
*lie and say we are almost home, when in fact we aren't even close
*open the windows
*start clapping
*give them a toy to play with
*ask my child to recite animal noises

Half of the time, this works. The other half of the time, I have a sleeping kid in the car seat and I just made a fool of myself in the meantime. :)

(Are you laughing because you do this too??! Hopefully I am not alone).

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Miranda said...

Love it! I totally do this...sometimes I even resort to screaming :)