Friday, May 25, 2012

A Free Flow of Emotions

Not sure what started it, but...

I was watching an episode of Full House with the girls a few weeks ago, the episode when Danny proposes to Vicki at Disney.  I got all teary eyed.  (Go ahead, you can laugh at me, I did).

And then add this...

and all the emotions that accompany a major surgery.  I keep getting teary eyed when I think of what Ashlyn went through and then I get teary again when I go re-read all the encouraging facebook messages.

And then I start missing my family in Michigan even more...

And then randomly, I get all emotional again when he started crying...

And then another milestone as Ambria finished preschool, yup, tears again...

Oh dear me.  Some legit teariness, and some not.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Project: Operation Playhouse

Last week, Mariah, our 8 year old, came to us with an idea to turn the old garden shed in our backyard into a playhouse.  Both me and my husband thought it was a great idea!!

So, the brainstorming has begun.  We have done a little shopping to get cleaning supplies and a few things to get started.  My husband bought some packets of seeds to plant a little garden outside the playhouse and some paint.  Mariah can hardly sleep!  She is sooo excited!!

During one of our shopping trips, Mariah kept brainstorming as she saw items in the store.  
Some good ideas, some, not so much.  
An idea that I had to dismiss was Mariah's idea to put LOTS of toilet paper on the floor to make it soft.  I laughed and said that I thought we could come up with a better idea.

I'm really trying to allow the girls to come up with ideas for the playhouse so they can take ownership (but I guess I will have to draw the line at toilet paper on the floor).  Who knows if the girls will even play in the house a few weeks after it is complete, but it will be the process that will be fun and exciting.

So, let the garden shed makeover begin!

Here are some BEFORE pictures...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Gifts

Each of the girls gave me a special gift for Mother's Day:

Ambria (5 years old) decorated a plate for me at preschool and made me a card with a rainbow on it.  So darn cute.

Ashlyn (22 months old) inadvertently tie dyed my shirt by spilling juice on it, and then added to her gift by filling her diaper.

Mariah (8 years old) wrote me a poem:
You're kind, you're sweet
like my heartbeat.  Cotton candy in my
mouth.  chocolate ice cream melting all around.
at night, at play you're there every
day.  No one can take my mom away.

Love you girls!  Thank you for making this a wonderful Mother's Day!!  I am blessed!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Not My Favorite Morning

A few mornings ago, I was sleeping peacefully in my warm, comfy bed, and I was awakened by the two older girls at an "they should NOT be up this early" hour of the morning.  I thought I was dreaming as I heard them starting to argue.  I thought their voices were intertwined in my dream.  Nope.

Ambria was crying/screaming.

I stumbled out of bed at the "they should NOT be up this early" hour.  I wasn't too happy.  I tried to quickly quiet Ambria because I knew she would wake up Ashlyn with her out of control screaming.  It was WAY too early for Ashlyn to wake up.

Ashlyn woke up crying due to the unnecessary noise.  OH MY GOSH.

Now I was really not happy.

Three girls (four, including me) up too early and crabby.

So, what were to two older girls arguing about?  Ambria wanted to sit where Mariah was sitting and Mariah wouldn't move.  OH MY GOSH!

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Box

Never under estimate the power of a child's imagination and a big cardboard box.

Open the box and your child's creative side!