Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baby Blue Eyes

What are the chances....of having THREE girls?
What are the chances...of having THREE girls with all different eye colors??!

Mariah has hazel eyes.
Ambria has brown eyes.
Ashlyn has blue eyes.


Just like each of them.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Here is yet another update about Ashlyn's eyes. I have written two other posts, The Way She Sees It and The Way She Sees It Part Two, and here is a third post.

Ashlyn went back to the eye specialist last week, and the good news is that her vision is still great, yay!

The not so good news: Three months ago, the doctor wasn't sure if her eye crossing was 'real' or 'fake' (pseudo) because of the way her eyes were shaped. Well, unfortunately, at this appointment we found out that her eye crossing is not fake and she does have crossed eyes, or technically called strabismus. Kids do not outgrow this condition.

At this point, we have two options to help Ashlyn's eyes (her left eye is the one that is crossing), we can try glasses with prism lenses to help her left eye focus better or we can try patching her right eye. I tried to make the best decision I could, weighing the pros and cons for Ashlyn. I chose the patching for a few months. We have to patch her right eye for a few hours every day and then revisit the specialist in three months.

So, not HORRIBLE news, but hopefully her left eye will straighten out with the help of the patch. And of course, I had to get cute little eye patches. :) I found some cute eye patches at and (for anyone looking for resources and/or patches for strabismus in young children).

Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh the Joys of Flying a Kite

We bought a new kite for the girls, nothing too extravagant, just a cheap kite. We tried many windy days to get this stupid thing in the air.
We did it! A few days ago, my husband got the kite to fly high in the sky. Awesome. He let Mariah hold the strings. Then he let Ambria hold the strings.

"AMBRIA, COME BACK! DON'T RUN TOWARD THE TREES!" The kite is now stuck in a tree.

Just Another Classic Picture

I think this picture screams, "mom, we are sick of you and your camera!"

Monday, March 21, 2011

Second Child Bonding

I posted a few months ago about the special bond I have with Mariah, our firstborn, called Fairytale Bonding, and I also wanted to write about the special bond that I have with Ambria, our middle child.

Today is Ambria's 4th birthday! I can't believe she is four already! So, as I sit her and reflect on Ambria's day of birth, it also brings me to recollect the craziness of her labor and delivery. Unlike our first child, I feel that my bonding with our second child began earlier, of course during pregnancy, but I think there was even some bonding during labor and delivery.

We did not find out the gender of baby #2. We were excited and prepared for either a boy or girl. I had a doctor appointment earlier in the day on March 20 and in the evening, we were just hanging out at the house. My husband challenged me to a game of ping pong in the basement so all three of us went downstairs. As he was getting ping pong set up, my water broke!! I was shocked and then I started laughing and ran upstairs to get ready to leave the house. We dropped off Mariah at my sister in laws home and arrived at the hospital at 9:00pm.

My contractions had barely started and I was going to walk around the hospital after we got all check in, but I stood up and my contractions got SUPER hard. I sat back down and stayed put. The contractions were fast and furious. I was excited at how quickly things were progressing. I was more excited than scared. I couldn't wait to meet the new baby!

I opted for the epidural but by the time the anesthesiologist finished, I layed back down and demanded to get checked again because I thought I had dialated more. Yup, I had. I was at a 10! The anesthesiologist was still in the room when the baby was born!! Did the epidural work?? Probably not. It didn't have time to kick in. We all screamed "It's a Girl!" and were super excited to meet our new daughter. I felt an instant connection. Ambria was born at 12:23am on March 21, 2007.

With the second child, I was more prepared for what motherhood was all about. I "knew" how I was supposed to feel. I "knew" what to do with a newborn. I was a mom, and now I was a mom again. I didn't go from not being a parent to becoming a parent like with the first child. Not that I "knew" everything there was to being a mom, but I felt...well, more enjoyment in those first moments after Ambria's birth. It was a party. I can actually say labor and delivery was fun! I was excited to take on this new challenge of having two children...and two girls at that.

Unlike the unusual delayed bonding I had with Mariah, I had an instant bond with Ambria. The first few days and weeks were more enjoyable. Do I love Ambria more because of this? Obvsiously, no, but it was just different. This experience was probably more like the "fairytale bonding" that women "expect" when they have a baby. The fairytale bonding started earlier with Ambria than it did with Mariah...and that is ok.

Happy Birthday, Ambria Faith! I love you!

You can read about how we chose the name Ambria in a post called What's In a Name.

And stay tuned for yet another post on bonding with baby #3 as I write about the bond I have with Ashlyn.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Bad Dream

The other night Mariah (almost 7 years old) had a fever in the middle of the night. Due to this fever, she had a continuous nightmare that would not leave her alone. (As a child, the only time I had nightmares was when I was sick and each time, it was the SAME dream. To this day, if I am sick, I have the SAME nightmare that I had when I was a child. Weird).

In the middle of the night, Mariah ran to my bedside and woke me up, all out of breath and in tears. My heart broke for her. We went and got a drink of water, I tucked her back in bed, and left a little light on for her.

Not even five minutes passed, and Mariah was back at my bedside.

My heart broke for her so I went and laid in her bed with her. I wanted to take this nightmare from her. I attempted to calm her down, rub her head, talk about different, random things to get her mind off her dream, but every time she closed her eyes, the nightmare occurred again.

It was difficult for me because I could not take this dream from her. Dreams are weird because they aren't very tangible, you can't give a child medicine to take away a bad dream like you can give them medicine to take away a headache.

This isn't very earth-shattering, but the girls have never had major nightmares before (thankful for that), so this is new for how I am processing it.

I wanted to just be able to give Mariah a band aid to make the dream go away. I wanted to give her a kiss and have the nightmare magically disappear, but I couldn't.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Game of Ups and Downs

Playing board games with a 3 year old is a challenge in itself. Ambria wanted to play Chutes and Ladders, you know, the 'classic game of ups and downs for preschoolers?' Ok, let's give this a try. (We've played Candy Land before, but not Chutes and Ladders).

Choosing which game piece to be wasn't too arduous of a task. There are two girl pieces and two boy pieces. She quickly chose a girl without too much trouble. Phew, got through that decision without wasting too much time.

Next, Ambria spun the spinner and landed on 4. She moved four. I spun and moved three. We are off to a good start.

This only lasted for a few minutes until Ambria realized that going down the 'slides' would be FUN so that is all she wanted to do, not realizing that the 'slides' are counterproductive if you want to advance numerous spaces to win the game. Ahh, the life and mind of a three year old. Yep, slides are fun in real life, so they must be the best part and advantageous in the board game too. This simple board game is lying to my child. :)

So, (1) we have the distraction by the fun slides
and (2) we are upset by the number 5.

Ambria landed on 5 numerous times as she spun the little colorful spinner, but she HAD to spin again because "I DON'T LIKE FIVE, UGH!" followed by a stomp, stomp, stomp around the living room.

Are we having fun yet?!

Let's just say we didn't finish the game. Ambria got to space #15 and I made it (barely) to space #12 and the board game has 100 spaces.

Ok, ok, winning isn't the point of the game, having fun is, right?! So, did we have fun...???

Chutes and Ladders truly is a game of ups and downs for preschoolers AND adults. Thanks Milton Bradley.