Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fathers: Listen Up

It is so important for fathers to date their daughters! Demonstrate for your girls how a man should treat them. Tell your daughter(s) how unique and beautiful they are. Compliment them inside and out. Be a good role model and remember that you will never have these precious years again!

For Valentine's Day, my husband took the two older girls to a Daddy/Daughter dance. I bought the girls new dresses and shoes (thank you clearance rack!) and we decided not to show daddy the dresses until the night of the actual dance when the girls put them on.

The girls LOVED to get their hair and nails done and put on their fancy dresses, and most of all, they loved the reaction of their daddy's face when they "revealed" their new look. (And I fought back the tears). He surprised them with roses and took them to dinner before the dance.

The girls could hardly walk through the door at the end of the night! They said it was one of the best nights they have EVER had! So precious!

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jroz said...

That is sooooo great! Dave and Abbi are on a daddy daughter date tonight at a hockey game. Yes, she loves hockey. So fun! Your family is so precious.