Saturday, November 20, 2010

What's In a Name

I often get comments about how unique or unusual our girls' names are, especially from the older generation (if that matters, but the older folk are the people that comment most and the people our age, just take it in stride). This past week, while at the doctor's office with Ambria, the doctor (yes, he was older) commented on her name and asked how we came up with it and if the name has a special meaning.

Special meaning?! Why, yes. It is OUR daughter. To tell you the truth, I really don't think it has a "so-called" meaning like 'the one who loves much' or 'child with big heart' or 'I like cookies' or 'my parents are awesome.'

This is how we came up with the name Ambria: My husband has a cousin who has a daughter named Ambree. We liked that name but we wanted a name that ended with an 'ia' or 'a' so we added that to Ambree, and ta-da, AMBRIA!

We love the name, but more importantly, we love our daughter WITH that name. She is unique. She is one of kind. And that name has countless 'meanings.'

(Side Note: After we came up with the name Ambria, my husband called his cousin to get his approval. We didn't want to 'steal' their name. It is interesting when the families get together and there is an Ambree and an Ambria).

(Another Side Note: Spellcheck does not like the name Ambria).


Jay DePoy said...

m* note the timing, "after", because it's easier to get forgiveness than permission!

janelle said...

Jamie, I love your new blog! I honestly never would have thought that you were a tom boy. I started laughing when I saw that laughed when your brother set the barbies on fire.

carollee said...

We love the name Ambria and it is DIFFERENT and unique just like the little squirt it belongs to! <3