Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Ashlyn has been pretty busy, always on the go, and always into something that she shouldn't be into.

I feel like I have been using the word "No" a lot lately.

"NO, Ashlyn, you can't..."
*put Q-tips in your mouth
*eat magnets
*turn the tv on and off
*crawl all the way down the driveway into the road
*drink liquid soap
*drink salad dressing
*suck on the cooking spray
*play with the China tea set
*eat toilet paper
*drink toilet water
*suck on shoes
*eat cotton balls

We try to use the "art of distraction," rather than say "no" all the time but Ashlyn is figuring out our "art of distraction" and doesn't fall for it much anymore. Darn.

We have been busy chasing the little stinker lately.

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