Thursday, September 15, 2011

Parents Magazine

Yours truly has made it into the October 2011 issue of Parents magazine.

I am famous!!

No, not really.

I submitted a short story for the column entitled "It Happened to Me" which is about safety tips for other parents. After I submitted the story, an editor contacted me and we had some dialog over the phone and email because the editors felt my story could be helpful to other parents. The magazine also wanted a picture of Mariah (because the incident happened to her when she was little).

So, wa-la! My 15 minutes (more like 15 seconds) of fame is for a parenting mistake that I made. I am hoping that other parents learn from my mistake so "it doesn't happen to them" and their kiddos. It is just a short paragraph, but still kind of fun. Mariah loved seeing herself in the magazine and took it to school to show all her friends.

(Am I going to tell you what the story is about? Nope. Go read the article. Page 38. And then you can tell me how horrible of a parent I am.)


Kendra Marshall said...

Is there a way to see it online? I don't subscribe to this magazine.

jroz said...

Wow! That is awesome! I would be WAY proud of that.

Jamie said...

Kendra, I don't think you can find it online because it isn't a huge article. If you go to any newstand, you can find it. (You don't even need to buy it, just flip to pg 38 and read it quick. It only takes a few seconds to read).