Thursday, September 15, 2011

THAT Kind of Sick

The other day, Ashlyn woke up with a fever and was VERY fussy but she had no other symptoms. You know, the kind of sick where nothing will comfort the child: Tylenol doesn't work, all they want to do is be held, but you can't sit down, they aren't hungry, they won't sleep, they just plain don't-want-anything.

The kind of sick where:
*you want to cuddle and hold the child ALL day, but you have to get SOMETHING done
*you try everything to calm them, even walk outside and point at ants and leaves to distract them
*you HOPE they will take a good nap, BUT you aren't sure how long they will sleep so you hurry/scurry around the house as fast as you can in hopes of getting something accomplished
*you cringe a little when you hear the first whimper after a nap because you know the crying is about to start again
*you keep looking for other signs to figure out what is bothering the child: teeth popping through, snotty nose, drool, but the child gives you no other symptoms so you have no idea what is wrong
*you are prepared at any minute for puke-age...just in case :)
*you aren't sure if you should call the doctor, one minute the child seems ok the next they are screaming their head off

It was that kind of day around here.

Oh, and PS, I didn't call the doctor and Ashlyn was fine after a few days. It was a long few days, but thank goodness she is feeling better.

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