Friday, April 6, 2012

The Sunday Morning Battle

I don't think I am alone in saying that getting ready for church on Sunday morning can be more than a challenge. I have heard many parents say how difficult getting ready for church can be, as the whole family is trying to get fed, dressed, and out the door in a peaceful and orderly manner.

We are not exempt from this.

The IDEAL Sunday morning preparations...
**I can take a shower in peace and quiet, get dressed, hair done, make up done, in an orderly fashion
**Girls eat breakfast peacefully
**Girls get dressed without a fight
**I can do the girls' hair without them screaming about tangles
**Shoes on, into the car with ease
**Calm car ride

ACTUAL Sunday morning experience...
**Girls bust into the bathroom while I am getting ready because they need something or I need to break up a fight
**Girls take half hour to decide what to wear, putting us behind schedule
**Girls scream when I try to do their hair and end up running away altogether
**At this point, I may or may not raise my voice
**Girls take another half hour trying to decide which shoes to wear (REALLY putting us behind schedule and now I am REALLY starting to get upset)
**Baby has poop explosion two minutes before walking out the door
**I realize I forgot to feed the kids and throw them some sort of "take in the car and hurry up snack/breakfast"
**I realize I forgot to finish putting make up on and only have eye liner on ONE eye.
**Running to the car
**Not a peaceful car ride because someone is too hot, too cold, music is too loud, bad music, someone needs a tissue, someone needs a drink, etc...........

So, by the time we arrive at church, we are in a hurry/flurry disaster. Nice.

Of course this doesn't ALWAYS happen, and when we have an IDEAL Sunday morning, we all celebrate!!

(Side note: Then there are special occasions, like Easter, when you want to take pictures before leaving for church. Five words: Good Luck With That One...that is a whole new blog entry).

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