Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Not My Favorite Morning

A few mornings ago, I was sleeping peacefully in my warm, comfy bed, and I was awakened by the two older girls at an "they should NOT be up this early" hour of the morning.  I thought I was dreaming as I heard them starting to argue.  I thought their voices were intertwined in my dream.  Nope.

Ambria was crying/screaming.

I stumbled out of bed at the "they should NOT be up this early" hour.  I wasn't too happy.  I tried to quickly quiet Ambria because I knew she would wake up Ashlyn with her out of control screaming.  It was WAY too early for Ashlyn to wake up.

Ashlyn woke up crying due to the unnecessary noise.  OH MY GOSH.

Now I was really not happy.

Three girls (four, including me) up too early and crabby.

So, what were to two older girls arguing about?  Ambria wanted to sit where Mariah was sitting and Mariah wouldn't move.  OH MY GOSH!

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Carollee said...

And I thought I was the only one with an obnoxious screamer and a provoking strong-willed child. Who knew? xoxo