Monday, July 30, 2012

Juice Box

I'm not exactly sure why, but each time the girls ask for a juice box (which is usually just on vacations or days away from the house), I open it and take a BIG drink.

Well, I do know why. (Most things I do have a reason behind it). 
1.  I am thirsty
2.  I like juice boxes
3.  The less the juice in the box, the less amount that the kids can squeeze out and spill everywhere

It is so nice of the girls to share with mom.  No, actually they scold me for drinking out of their juice boxes. :)  Please and thank you.

1 comment:

Michelle Presnell said...

Oh my goodness... I do the same thing! My main reasons are 1) I like juice boxes too and 2)the less they actually get out of the juice box the less likely they are to ask to go pee in the next 10 minutes! hahahaha! Great minds think alike!