Thursday, December 9, 2010

After the Lights Go Out

I wonder what kids think their parents do after they are tucked into bed?

Growing up, I remember a few instances when I stumbled downstairs after I was put to bed and my parents were eating nachos and watching Dynasty or Love Boat or something like that. So, I thought as a child, my mother MUST do this ALL the time. Yeah right! I am sure for my mom to be able to sit down and watch tv at a specific time and watch a specific television show consisted of much planning.

The following is a list of events and activities that occur after the lights go out in the kids' bedrooms and on any given night any combination of the items can be seen in our home...

wash the dishes, dry the dishes, wash bottles, make coffee for the next morning, tuck the kids in bed again, mix baby formula for the next day, pack Mariah's bag for school the next day (read papers, sign papers, pack a snack, pack library books, pack daily reader book, pack homework) get out school clothes, tuck the kids in bed again, do laundry, fold laundry, iron, straighten up the house, AND if any time and energy allows...return emails, blog, facebook and/or collapse on the couch and watch tv (and thank goodness for the DVR!!).

THAT is what I do after Mariah, Ambria, and Ashlyn are in bed.

(Added note: the list probably goes on and on but I don't have any more energy to think about what I do. I'm tired).

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