Friday, December 3, 2010

Challenging Three Year Old

Ambria doesn't like the camera, or rather she is going through some odd 3 year old stage.
*She ONLY talks to our immediate family.
*She HAS to be FIRST at everything (ie: going to the bathroom, brushing her teeth, getting in bed, and on and on and on).
*She HAS to sit in the MIDDLE of me and Mariah or whoever on the couch.
*She won't eat food if we call it "breakfast," "lunch," or "dinner." It has to be called a SNACK (so unknowingly, she gets chicken nuggets at roughly 5:00pm as a 'snack').
*And as stated before, she will NOT acknowledge the camera.

I love ya, my little, rebellious, social introverted, three year old!

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carollee said...

Hilarious! I wish you would write a book! :)