Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Mom Diet

As a mom, it is pretty rare to actually sit down and eat a meal, and a well balanced meal at that.

When there is a lull in the day (if that ever happens, and some days this lull is nonexistent), it usually way past breakfast time to eat breakfast and/or way past lunchtime to eat lunch.

Sometimes, my mom diet goes like this: two bites of Pop-tart (because Ambria won't eat the ends because she thinks a Pop-tart has 'crust'), a few pretzels because they are left in a snack bowl, crust of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and I will eat a bite of mac and cheese to see if it is too hot (well, and chances are, I will take another bite).

There, that covers breakfast and lunch and probably dinner.

I have created a rule that applies to this kind of mom diet. If I eat food while standing or without a plate, the calories do not count.

Sounds good to me and I plan to put a copyright on this genius idea.

(Side note: For real, all these extra little 'bites' can add hundreds of calories to my/a/your diet every day. I try to NOT follow this "Mom Diet" but some days are busier so it is just easier to eat these leftovers on the run.)

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Raychel said...

Love it! You are so funny. I must say, I don't like the "crust" of a pop tart either. If there isn't frosting, I'm not eating it.