Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Way She Sees It (Part 2)

A few months ago I wrote about Ashlyn's eyes (The Way She Sees It), and here is a quick update. She went to the pediatric eye specialist a few weeks ago and the doctor was amazing. She did very extensive testing and Ashlyn was very cooperative. The GOOD news, is that Ashlyn can see out of both eyes! Praise the Lord! The doctor did notice what we are noticing and she assured us that we weren't going crazy. (Phew, thanks doc). The doctor also reassured me that it was nothing that I did to cause this because as a parent we can sometimes blame ourselves for different problems that our children have. Ashlyn does have a few minor issues with her eyes and possible strabismus (cross eyes). The doctor isn't sure if it is true strabismus or psuedostrabismus (fake cross eyes just because of the way her eyes are shaped).

So, for now, the doctor is just going to wait it out and she wants to see Ashlyn back in three months to see if there is any improvement (of course, this is what we are hoping and praying for).

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