Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh the Joys of My One Handed Life

When I first began this blog, I really wanted to write more frequently, but you see, these days, I usually only have one hand free, literally. Ashlyn is a good baby, quiet and content, but because she is a baby, she does require to be carried (duh). I have learned to do many things one handed, call me talented and/or brilliant if you like and insert applause here. :)

Moms have this super hero giftedness of one handed activities and carrying many things at one time-like a car seat, a purse, a diaper bag, and ten bags of groceries.

So, since I have been thinking about this one handed life that I lead, I have thought about some out of the ordinary things that I do on a day to day basis one handed/while holding a baby (in no particular order).

*Prepare baby formula (which includes use of a can opener)
*Pour formula into baby bottles
*Help Mariah get dressed for school
*Help Ambria get dressed
*Make beds
*Put load of laundry in washer
*Put load of laundry in dryer
*Dry dishes
*Check facebook (ha, bet you didn't realize all status updates and comments are done one handed and while feeding Ashlyn a bottle!)
*Make macaroni and cheese (the microwave kind)
*Cut up waffles
*Cut an apple
*Wash windows

Despite this awesome talent, there are some things that I have found that NEED two hands and that I cannot do while holding a baby...

*Tying shoes (I just can't figure out how to do this with one hand!)
*Washing the bathtub

And there are a few things that are just more convenient with the use of two hands...

*Blogging...hence the lack of posts.


Kendra said...

*Tying shoes- I bet you still manage to do this while holding Ashlyn some of the time. I remember sitting on the floor tying the older kids shoes with a baby laying in my lap so I could use both hands

*Ironing- I'm always impressed by people who iron their clothes. I don't know if we even have an iron. Our wrinkled clothes just go in the dryer with a wet wash cloth for a few minutes to get the wrinkles out.

janelle said...

Cut an apple? Impressive girl

carollee said...

I agree with Janelle.. cutting an apple one handed - you rock, sister! And ironing is so overrated.. just hold that baby and throw them in the dryer with a wet towel. Crispy and creased clothes are sooooo out of style! hehe Love this post!