Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Here is yet another update about Ashlyn's eyes. I have written two other posts, The Way She Sees It and The Way She Sees It Part Two, and here is a third post.

Ashlyn went back to the eye specialist last week, and the good news is that her vision is still great, yay!

The not so good news: Three months ago, the doctor wasn't sure if her eye crossing was 'real' or 'fake' (pseudo) because of the way her eyes were shaped. Well, unfortunately, at this appointment we found out that her eye crossing is not fake and she does have crossed eyes, or technically called strabismus. Kids do not outgrow this condition.

At this point, we have two options to help Ashlyn's eyes (her left eye is the one that is crossing), we can try glasses with prism lenses to help her left eye focus better or we can try patching her right eye. I tried to make the best decision I could, weighing the pros and cons for Ashlyn. I chose the patching for a few months. We have to patch her right eye for a few hours every day and then revisit the specialist in three months.

So, not HORRIBLE news, but hopefully her left eye will straighten out with the help of the patch. And of course, I had to get cute little eye patches. :) I found some cute eye patches at ortopadusa.com and myipatches.com (for anyone looking for resources and/or patches for strabismus in young children).


carollee said...

She is so adorable! You are a good mommy and I'm sure your decision to patch instead of glasses is a great one! You know your babies! xo

Marcia said...

Cool patch!

Elizabeth said...

I love the cute little patch! I'm glad her vision is still great! Hopefully the patching will work!