Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Game of Ups and Downs

Playing board games with a 3 year old is a challenge in itself. Ambria wanted to play Chutes and Ladders, you know, the 'classic game of ups and downs for preschoolers?' Ok, let's give this a try. (We've played Candy Land before, but not Chutes and Ladders).

Choosing which game piece to be wasn't too arduous of a task. There are two girl pieces and two boy pieces. She quickly chose a girl without too much trouble. Phew, got through that decision without wasting too much time.

Next, Ambria spun the spinner and landed on 4. She moved four. I spun and moved three. We are off to a good start.

This only lasted for a few minutes until Ambria realized that going down the 'slides' would be FUN so that is all she wanted to do, not realizing that the 'slides' are counterproductive if you want to advance numerous spaces to win the game. Ahh, the life and mind of a three year old. Yep, slides are fun in real life, so they must be the best part and advantageous in the board game too. This simple board game is lying to my child. :)

So, (1) we have the distraction by the fun slides
and (2) we are upset by the number 5.

Ambria landed on 5 numerous times as she spun the little colorful spinner, but she HAD to spin again because "I DON'T LIKE FIVE, UGH!" followed by a stomp, stomp, stomp around the living room.

Are we having fun yet?!

Let's just say we didn't finish the game. Ambria got to space #15 and I made it (barely) to space #12 and the board game has 100 spaces.

Ok, ok, winning isn't the point of the game, having fun is, right?! So, did we have fun...???

Chutes and Ladders truly is a game of ups and downs for preschoolers AND adults. Thanks Milton Bradley.

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