Friday, April 15, 2011

Eye Patches

We are still experimenting with different brands of eye patches for Ashlyn. What is there to experiment? If she has any allergic reaction to the adhesive, if her eyebrow gets torn off, if the area around her eye becomes red from irritation, etc.

So far so good. I have been using Aquaphor Lip Repair (aka chapstick) on her eyebrow before I apply the patch just in case the patch takes off her eyebrow. That seems to be working well. We have received some cute samples of eye patches so we are having fun with different patterns and styles on the patches and we have some more coming in the mail. (I usually let the big sisters pick out which patch they want Ashlyn to wear). I want to try different brands before I place an order.

Ashlyn is doing ok wearing the patch. She gets a little frustrated when she tries to rub her eye and she only cries a little when it is time to pull it off. I wince.

It is early into the patch therapy but we haven't noticed a difference in her eyes yet. We are still praying.

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Natalie Anne said...

Hey! I was doing a google search for eye patches and it pulled up this blog post. I am now doing trial and error to find the right eye patch for my baby girl! What did you end up deciding was best? I have used the Ortopad brand so far and I am considering ordering some of the MYI brand because they are cheaper.... did they work ok? How did you get samples? Sorry I know it is random but I am desperate for help!