Saturday, April 23, 2011

Going Solo to the Grocery Store

I liken a trip alone to the grocery store to a short vacation.

Funny, but really, pretty much true when you have young kiddos.

This is what grocery shopping by myself looks like:

*not taking forever to get kids unloaded from the van and into the shopping cart
*not having to look for and disinfect a shopping cart with one of those cool drivable pretend cars attached to the front of it.
*not having to push a gigantic shopping cart with one of those cool cars attached to the front of it
*not having to attempt to shove a Puff into the baby's mouth every 30 seconds while trying not to interrupt our forward momentum and slow our pace
*not continuously telling a child to stay in the cart at all times and keep hand and feet inside the vehicle
*having no kids means I can take my time, I can look at food options, I can look at my coupons, I can notice new products, and did I mention, take my time
*I don't have to worry about getting home before nap time, lunch time, crabby time, bed time, etc.

The downside to shopping alone:
*no cute kiddos to smile, coo, and talk to
*I can't blame talking to myself on the kids and just act like I was pretending to talk to them when in all actuality, I was audibly talking to myself about which kind of cereal I should buy or if that produce looks and feels ripe enough. (Oh, and don't worry, I felt pretty stupid when I noticed a man staring at me while I was chatting to myself. Feelin' pretty sweet).

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jroz said...

I must admit that I believe there is NO downside to shopping alone. The cute kiddos will be at the house waiting for me when I get back. And because I was by myself for a couple of hours they look a whole lot cuter than when I left. :-)