Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Photograph Worth More than Words

For some reason, I love this picture. Earlier this week, we were all outside enjoying the spring sunshine. We had a picnic in the yard, the girls had wind blown hair, dirty feet, and sticky hands from drippy popsicles (and I was trying to stay calm about the dirt crusted feet and red popsicle drool down their chins realizing that the girls WILL get clean in the bath later andI was trying to tell myself just to enjoy the moment and let the girls have fun).

So, this picture says so much more than the actual events:

This is how the shot went:
(I place Ashlyn between her big sisters)
"Now, girls, look at the camera. Ashlyn! Ashlyn! Ashlyn! Ambria, put the umbrella down. Ok, Ambria then just peek at me from behind the umbrella. Mariah, turn around. Mariah, please turn around."

no response and/or opposite response for what I was looking for and/or wanted for this cute little picture of the three girls having a picnic.


Although I didn't get the girls sitting all cute on the blanket, what the photograph encompases is so much more. The picture expresses all three of the girls' personalities.

In one word:

Ambria: shy
Ashlyn: spoiled
Mariah: stubborn

I will look back on this priceless photograph for many years to come and I will be able to remember the stages each of the girls were in during the time of this shot.

I love it and I love them.

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saraiwithani said...

This should be printed and framed on your mantle :) Too funny!