Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shopping Carts and Sugary Goodness

It is no secret that I have a sweet tooth. Shhh, just don't tell anyone else.

Today while in the grocery store, I figured out that I am NOT the one to blame for the liking of sugary goodness.

While in the cereal aisle, I slowly pushed my shopping cart, (you know the shopping cart where you can only see my hands and my eyes over the handle because I am so darn short?! OR the shopping cart where you CANNOT SEE ME AT ALL because I have Ashlyn's car seat on top of the cart)...Ok, so you get the picture, me in the cereal aisle and I was actually looking to buy healthy cereal (yes, I do enjoy healthy things too). I guess I haven't noticed before but ALL the healthy cereal in my grocery store is on the TOP SHELF!
Manufacturers and grocery chains definitely know what they are doing by placing all the sugary goodness at KID EYE LEVEL...aka, ME!

So, here I am r e a c h i n g for the healthy cereal on my tip toes, and then that wasn't good enough, so I had to stand on the bottom shelf of cereal to reach the top, and I still had to s t r e t c h.

See, I am not the one to blame. Other people are the reason I am so drawn to sweets because other people put these addicting treats at MY EYE LEVEL!

(What does this have to do with Raising Three Girls? Not sure, but hopefully the girls will be taller than me when they get older so they can see over the shopping cart).

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