Monday, November 14, 2011

The Dismissal

My husband and I take turns tucking the girls in bed at night and reading them a story. Lately, the girls have been requesting to hear stories about when we were children. It is fun to think about my own childhood and relive it through storytelling to my daughters. I have told them everything from making cool tree forts, begging my parents for a miniature horse, my brother squeezing my hand too tightly during church prayer, my sister running into a huge tree while learning to ride a bike, me putting my teeth through my lip and needing stitches, filling up the pool in the summertime and being the first to jump in the icy water... and on and on.

Sounds great, BUT...

The girls don't enjoy my stories. They want DAD to tell them stories. I have been dismissed from telling bedtime stories.

I contemplated this and came up with a few reasons why I got the "boot:"
*My husband is a WAY better communicator than me (that is what he does for his job)
*My stories are too short. Short, sweet, and to the point. Go to bed. Good night. Mom is "off duty."

The girls have caught on to my quick stories, DAD's stories are L O N G E R and funnier.

I've been dismissed.

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