Monday, November 21, 2011

Best Bib EVER

My girls have all used a bib called the "dura bib" and I really feel that everyone with little kids needs one, or two, or three of these awesome bibs! I have received many compliments on the bibs and many parents are envious of the product.

Why is this bib so cool?
The pocket has snaps so when the child is done eating, you can just unsnap and wipe clean. It is also machine washable, double bonus!
I keep one of these bibs at home and I also keep one in the diaper bag for on-the-go eating. BUT the bib is multi-functional.
*I will put snacks in the bib for my "crawler" that won't sit still and then they can still crawl around. Mobile snack!
*I will use the bib in the car for a toy holder/catcher which makes driving a little easier for both parent and child.
*And not the most pleasant of uses, but the bib helps with a child that gets car sick and/or when a young child has the flu. I have put the bib on all of our daughters when they are sick but too young to tell me when they are about to throw up. It has saved A LOT of messes both at home and in the car.

Unfortunately, these bibs are difficult to find in the stores. I have seen them on various occasions at Meijer and K-mart, but not consistently and I cannot find them on their websites. You can also search "dura bib" and a few websites come up where you can order them online for about $7 each.

Two thumbs up for the dura bib!!

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