Monday, March 19, 2012


We celebrate Mariah's birthday AND Ambria's birthday this week! I cannot believe that Mariah is turning 8 and Ambria is 5!! Before you have children, people will say the old cliche of "time flies" but until you have kids, you really cannot comprehend this saying. Wow, it is true! Where has the time gone?

Birthdays mark a special time for a PARENT. As a mother, I reminisce of the days leading up to labor and delivery, the stay in the hospital, and the first few days at home. I also think about what stage of life we were at...8 years ago...and 5 years ago!!

Last week, we spent a much needed family vacation in Florida and we celebrated the girls' birthdays ALL week. They got spoiled. Beach, pool, Legoland, shopping, cake, ice cream, and lots of presents. Happy Birthday girls!! We love you!!

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