Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chiari Malformation Surgery--Trying to Get Prepared

Ashlyn's surgery date is two weeks away. Each day I am getting more and more nervous. I'm not sure if I can ever be prepared for what is about to happen, but I am trying to stay calm. Calm is a 'relative' term at this point.

I spoke with another mother of a young child that also had Chiari Decompression surgery. It was nice to be able to relate a little through our journey. Unfortunately, this other child had major complications from the surgery. The mother did not want to scare me, but it did a little. I was really protecting my thoughts (with God's help) of not thinking about complications and negative affects that Ashlyn COULD experience. I'm not sure if I am just being naive, but I am only thinking about pre op, the surgery, and recovery, and then will get our Ashlyn back, better than ever.

I'm sad. I'm nervous. I'm scared.


Michelle said...

Before I came to work where I do now, I worked in a neurosurgery office. EVERY experience is different when it comes to Chiari and the surgeries that sometimes follow. You cannot let other people's experiences define your worries. As a parent, I can only imagine the amount of worries that fill your mind from day to day as you guys prepare, but as a Christian, I know your faith is strong. Give Ashlyn's care over to the Lord as I know that you will do and we will ALL join you in praying for her outcome and recovery! You have LOTS of prayers all around you!

Brett and Megan Harring said...

I'm praying for ya!

Marcia said...

I think it's good to protect your thoughts. Hard to do, I know! God is with you!

lace1070 said...

Lifting you all up in prayer ~ my motto was always take a deep breath ~ let the fear in for 10 seconds ~ then banish it and move on ~