Monday, March 26, 2012

Eating Healthy

Our middle child, also known as Ambria, isn't the healthiest of eaters. She doesn't like fruit or vegetables...AT ALL!

We told her that once she turned 5 (which was last week) she would have to start trying more fruits and vegetables and she agreed to this. So far, she has eaten half a carrot, a bite of broccoli, and a small piece of cucumber. It's a start! We applauded her attempts as she tried to say "I like it" as she raced to the garbage to spit it out.

Ambria decided she likes peanuts and cashews, so I thought maybe I was on to something--trail mix!!

I bought some trail mix and Ambria was more than excited to have it for a snack. Every few seconds she came to me and said:

"Mom, I don't like these big things (as she pointed to the almonds)."
"Mom, I don't like these either (as she pointed to the peanuts and cashews)."
"Mom, I don't like these (as she pointed to the raisin)."

Yup, you guessed it, that only left the M&M's!!!

That's my Ambria.

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