Saturday, July 23, 2011

Crusty Old Green Beans

What dried, crusty green beans (or any other miscellaneous food or snot) on my shirt can mean:

*I take care of young kids
*It is a bragging tactic that says: Everyone take note, I feed my kids healthy food like green beans and NEVER junk food :)
*My shirt is a makeshift washcloth
*I need to do laundry
*I have had better days
*Crusty green beans on my shirt is a totally acceptable fashion accessory
*I have worn this shirt two days in a row because I knew I would get some sort of food or snot splattered on me again so why dirty a clean shirt
*I love my kids so much that I have no shame in wearing dried, crusty green beans
*Shoot, I totally didn't know this was on my shirt and I wore it out in public!!

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