Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Daily Hike

Every day, the girls and I have been taking a walk half way up the mountain behind our home. (We only go half way because we wouldn't be able to make it down the mountain and back to the house without tired legs and whiny girls). The girls are absolutely LOVING this time and they beg me to go for our daily hike as soon as I step out of bed in the morning.

On our walk, we look at the plant life, smell the flowers, observe insects, collect rocks, search for wildlife, listen to the birds, pick up litter, talk about the weather, and our favorite part: taste raspberries and blackberries!

Little do the girls know, we are a walking science lesson. Ha. I guess that is the teacher in me. And another thing, I actually look forward to this time as well. I am enjoying the hike as much as the girls...especially when they want to hold my hand.

I will walk with my girls forever.

Memorable moments with my girls.


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Jen Wags said...

The memories you are making with your girls are priceless. They are so lucky to have you for a mommy. Wish Aunt Jen could come walk with you. One day. XO