Sunday, July 17, 2011

Strabismus-Eye Drops

Ashlyn went back to the eye specialist last week. We have seen some improvements with Ashlyn's eyes and people have recently commented on how her eyes were looking better.

I have still noticed her eyes crossing at various times during the day, especially when she eats and when she is tired.

As noted before, I was having trouble keeping the eye patches on Ashlyn, as she would rip them off as soon as I covered her eye. This was beyond frustrating (probably for her as well). Because of this obstacle, we have not done the patches for the past three weeks. (I know, shame, shame).

So, at the check up, the doctor said that Ashlyn was still favoring one eye. Rather than continue the patches, (aka: rip off these stupid things as soon as my mom puts them on my face) the doctor prescribed some eye drops.

The eye drops are similar to the medicine used to dilate your eyes at the eye doctor. I am supposed to just put one drop in Ashlyn's good eye, which will dilate her pupils and make her vision blurry in her good eye. This will force Ashlyn to keep using her weak eye to see. We have not started the drops yet, so hopefully it will go smoothly and Ashlyn won't get too frustrated while her one eye is blurry. The doctor wants to see Ashlyn again in two months to check her progress.

We are continuing to pray for healing for Ashlyn's eyes and that she continues to show improvement.


Marcia said...

I will pray for her beautiful eyes...

Jen Wags said...

me too.