Friday, July 29, 2011

ERGObaby Carrier

I have been drooling over the ERGObaby carrier. So, I finally decided to splurge and buy one. I am in love! This carrier is so awesome and easy to use. It is pretty much like having the child ride piggy back and it goes up to 45 pounds. I figured out how to put Ashlyn in it by myself on my back and she really enjoys riding in it. It is also a front and hip carrier, but I think I will probably use it on my back for the most part. I have seen people wear the ERGO everywhere, stores, library, downtown, hiking, and just going for a stroll.

I can't stop thinking about my new purchase and I am so excited. I laughed and asked my husband if it would look funny if I just wore the ERGO with no kid in it. He said probably. :)

Love, love, love my ERGO!

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