Friday, July 15, 2011

Mysterious Sounds

Have you ever been in another room and a toy starts playing random music from a totally different room?

This morning I was feeding Ashlyn and the girls were eating breakfast and all of a sudden, the Leap Frog Learning Table burst out into full song and lights from in the living room. WEIRD!! The table didn't just go through one song or part of a song, it kept playing and playing and playing until we had to turn it off.

Just sayin'. Kinda crazy.

(Added note: I know sometimes toys do this when the batteries are low but I just changed the batteries a few weeks ago. I guess the table just has a mind of its own. Now, if more toys start to do this random music playing.....)

1 comment:

Raychel said...

Ours does that as well! It freaks me out and I try to keep it turned off. Unfortunately, Rowynn can turn it on himself so I never know when it will happen.