Friday, October 28, 2011

Kid Toys (Another Confession)

With Christmas not too far away, I am starting to gather toy ideas for the girls. "Fun" for me is walking up and down the toy aisles--just looking.

Fun? Yes!
Is this a symptom of motherhood? Yup.

Not only do I look for toys that I think each child will enjoy, I also look for toys that I will enjoy playing alongside with the girls. I am not a huge fan of playing Barbies and My Little Ponies with the girls, but there are actually a few toys in the past that we have bought for the girls specifically because I enjoy playing them too. (another confession)

Two toys that we have gotten, probably more for ME than the girls:
1. Wooden train with lots of track
2. Marble run

I will never pass up an opportunity to create an intricate train track or make an awesome marble run for the girls.

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