Sunday, October 23, 2011

Refrigerator Artwork Policy

I have a small confession. I am not very sentimental when it comes to the girls' artwork and school papers. I like to SEE the front of my refrigerator! I also don't want to keep unlimited boxes of old school papers and spelling lists.

This dream of a plain white refrigerator never happens because it gets plastered with papers of all shapes, sizes, and colors on a daily basis. (AND Ashlyn can reach almost all the art on the fridge, she pulls it down, rips it, eats it, and attempts to sneak the magnets into her mouth).

Beautiful art? Yes.
Unique? Yes
Cluttered? Yes.

So, my "Refrigerator Artwork Policy:" I keep artwork on the fridge for one week then dispose of it. Yes, I actually throw it out. Pretty much everything. Trash.

Ok, ok, before you think I am REALLY unsentimental: I DO keep the drawings and artwork that I think records the girls at the stage they are in; like when the girls write their name for the first time, draw a face and a house for the first time, etc. I also keep school report cards.

I also have a clothes line in another room for the girls' artwork and they can choose to pin up the art of their choosing. This helps with some clutter and the girls enjoy choosing what they want to display and it personalizes the playroom.

Confession is over.


Kendra Marshall said...

I throw the 'artwork' out too, after it gets its short time on the fridge. I did get a good idea from Tana though: She displays the kids artwork on the inside of her cabinets. That way, you get to see it every time you open the cabinets without it cluttering the fridge.

Jamie said...

Another idea I have heard is to take photographs of the child's artwork, develop the pics and then put them all in an album. That way the child and look through their art and the parent has all the memories.