Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Mom Song

What is "The Mom Song?"

Oh, you know, those random made up songs that you sing throughout the day that have no meaning, no rhythm, and are usually off key.

There is no specific tune to "The Mom Song," just whatever comes to mind at the moment...

**"I am washing the dishes, I hate doing the dishes, la la la..."
**"Oh you girls are so beautiful, and funny, and I love you..."
**"Please stop yelling, please stop crying, please stop stop stop..."

OR "The Mom Song" is a song where you make up words to an already well-known tune.

Sing to the tune of Old McDonald:
Little Ashlyn is crabby today, e i e i o.
And in this house, she won't stop crying, e i e i o.
With a wa wa here,
and a wa wa there,
here a wa,
there a wa,
everywhere a wa wa.

I am usually guilty of singing "The Mom Song" on a daily basis in the privacy of my own home. Have you sung "The Mom Song?"

1 comment:

Michelle said...

My mom songs are usually used to get the girls up and going in the mornings. Ali loves it/Zoe hates it. An effective alarm clock for them both!