Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sleep Envy

It is never a good sign when I yawn during the opening credits of a movie. (There is some good foreshadowing for ya).

This is how most of my evenings go:
I finally get to relax on the couch with my sweet hubby after the three girls go to bed. I sit down, I make an audible sigh, and get cozy under a warm blanket as we start to watch some of our favorite tv shows and/or a movie.

Yawn. Yawn.

It isn't rare to see a person crawl into bed to go to sleep during a tv show or movie, and what do I do?!
I get ENVIOUS of that character "sleeping!"
"Ooo, that looks so warm and comfortable. Ooo, sleep."

**Oh, crud, it is only 8:00pm. Try to stay awake. Try to stay awake. Keep those eye lids open, oh no, they are getting heavy! Deny that I am tired. Turn my head slowly away so my husband doesn't think I am falling asleep already. Boom. Asleep.**

It seems that I repeat this process almost every night. :)

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Jen Wags said...

I could have wrote this very post.haha

Yet another "season" of our lives. I have been asking God for - burning oil...