Friday, July 22, 2011

Security Blanket Washing Day

Security Blanket Washing Day can prove to be an interesting day.

It is the day where I sneak the blankie away without the child seeing and I quickly whisk it away into the soap filled washing machine.

It is the day when the "blankie substitute" comes out but is quickly identified as a fraud, and there are tears when the "true" blankie is discovered "missing."

It is the day when I have to secretly disappear into the laundry room to switch the blankie from the washing machine into the warm dryer (because we all know it can be a travesty if the child sees the WET blankie!)

This is the day when you wish the dryer would HURRY UP!

It is the day when cheers from mother and child can be heard from the laundry room when the blankie comes out of the warm dryer smelling fresh again and is returned safely to its rightful owner.

How do I know all this?? How am I a Security Blanket Washing Day expert?
I have been on both sides of this Washing Day dilemma.
I remember my childhood blankie, my green and white blankie with lace on the edges. I remember the slow discinegration as holes appeared in my overly used blankie. I remember the smell of the "fraud" and I remember the feel of the "substitute"

Two of our three daughters have a beloved blanket and I feel their pain on Washing Day.

My name is Jamie, and I am a security blanket expert.


Jen Wags said...


Marcia said...

Green and white? Does Jerry know? :)

One time when I had to go to Cincinnati overnite for work, Tricia put her blanket in my suitcase with a note that it would help me feel like I was home. I still have that note... both my girls STILL have their security blankets.

tana and matt said...

we're going on three weeks. yup. gross... but no time to wash ree's "B"!!! we must need to slow down :)

Michelle Presnell said...

Confession: I still have my security blanket! It is in the bottom drawer of my dresser, hidden away where it is safe! My blankie has been repaired so many times that there is not much left of it, but I know that it is there and that makes me feel better!